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Images provided by the sponsors of the events and are reproduced with permission.

Last week I had the opportunity to share with leading organizations what the future of AI looks like and how it’s being applied today with leading professionals across Puerto Rico.

On April 19 I spoke before attendees at a symposium led by the Puerto Rico Chapter of The Consejo Empresarial de America Latina (CEAL), a group of entrepreneurs committed to the economic and social development of Latin America. The next day I joined other technology professionals presenting at the Digital CPA Innovation and Technology Forum and sharing insights about the technologies shaping the future of business. In each presentation I described how AI is taking hold, what it is and what it is not, and how it is being applied today.

Wovenware Giving Artificial Intelligence (AI) Talks
Wovenware Giving Artificial Intelligence (AI) Talks

Given all of the hype surrounding AI it’s easy to become confused and walk away with conflicting ideas of what exactly it is, in all of its variations, so I worked to set the record straight. I explained how not all business problems are machine learning or deep learning problems and how not all automation requires AI, but for those that do, the benefits that can be achieved are enormous. AI enables more efficient business processes, improved customer satisfaction, cost savings and greater workforce productivity and customer retention.

I also talked about real-world applications that are happening today. How in financial services AI is helping to answer customer questions regarding lost bank cards, locked pins and other issues, so that agents can address more difficult ones. Also, through satellite imagery, how AI is enabling hedge funds advisors and other investment firms to better analyze data and predict the growth of specific markets. Or, how in healthcare AI is being used to help clinicians conduct screening tests to diagnose patients at risk for certain diseases; and how AI is being used to cut costs and improve Star ratings for Medicare and Medicaid services.

The AI conversation is just beginning at many firms and it can be a scary proposition, requiring them to step out of the box and disrupt the way they’ve always operated. But, the benefits gained will be so well worth it. Hopefully through our discussions at both industry forums, attendants walked away with a clear understanding of the reality of AI amidst all the hype, and were energized with a spark of excitement around the possibilities that can be achieved.

We at Wovenware will continue to spread the news about AI and help companies navigate this new digital frontier. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have on the subject. Our door is always open, you can reach us at or call us at 877-249-0090.

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