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Campus Job Fair: The Future Looks Hopeful for Rising IT Professionals

Wovenware Job Fair UPR Mayaguez 2018

Rising IT Professionals visit Campus Job Fair

Wovenware was very excited to sponsor and participate in the 29th Annual Job Fair at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Mayaguez Campus – one of the biggest job fairs held within the UPR system.

Each year we are more and more impressed with the number and caliber of future IT professionals that come from various programs; computer programmers, developers and engineers searching for their first career experiences after years of refining their skills in classes, internships and Coop programs.

Given the damages from Hurricane Maria and the population exodus, we were grateful for the turnout of bright students expected to re-energize our workforce.

We met with more than 100 job candidates and held more than 90 job interviews in one day alone, meeting with UPRM graduates within software engineering, information systems and Electric engineering departments. It’s great to see so many new graduates choosing to remain in Puerto Rico and share their expertise and talents to foster a new generation of tech talent on the island.

Campus Job Fair: The Future Looks Hopeful for Rising IT Professionals

Is everyone focused on AI?

A key difference in this year’s job fair was the overarching interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many of the graduates we met with have studied machine learning, data science and AI in depth and are looking to put their studies to practice in these areas.

This interest fits in perfectly with Wovenware’s innovative software engineering services in AI, and we were able to identify good candidates for our internships in these areas.

If you were unable to attend the Wovenware Booth at the Mayagüez Job Fair, Wovenware will sponsor the Job Fair at the UPR Bayamón campus on May 8. You can also visit our website and submit your resume for opportunities in Software Development, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Project Coordination.

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The Future Looks Hopeful for Rising IT Professionals

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