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Happy to Welcome our New Director of Operations to the Wovenware Team

David Linares - Wovenware Director of Operations

David Linares Brings Years of Tech, Business Experience

I’m very excited to welcome David Linares to the Wovenware team as our director of operations. It’s been a transformative time and a period of incredible growth at our company, as we add new staff, sign on key customers and build our AI practice and David is exactly what we need at this pivotal time.

As director of operations, David will contribute greatly to our strong culture of excellence and customer commitment by introducing innovative paradigms, and leading our talented team of engineers as we continue to develop disruptive products for our clients, such as chatbots, deep-learning algorithms and other smart applications where enterprise, legacy and machine learning converge.

His experience as Microsoft Azure business manager with a local company, as well as previous positions with Microsoft,will help our customers as they transition to the cloud and find better ways to accomplish traditional tasks. Likewise, his experience as CIO of a health insurance firm, as well as other positions in the healthcare industry, will benefit our clients greatly since he acutely understands how smart technologies can truly impact care collaboration and ultimately patient outcomes.

The AI revolution and other modernization initiatives are only just beginning, but Wovenware is poised to lead the way, with the industry’s only dedicated data analytics team, proven data scientists and deep learning algorithms and chatbots that are bringing a new level of digital advantage to both traditional and new customers alike. We’re confident that with David Linares joining our highly talent team, we’re headed in the right direction for continued growth.

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