Puerto Rico Tech Jumps Operational Hurdles and Client Challenges amid Hurricane Fallout

January 11, 2018

Four months out from Hurricane Maria, and the tech sector in Puerto Rico is still recovering from its aftermath. One thing for sure is the resilience and ingenuity that nearshore companies here demonstrated in not missing a beat when it comes to customer service, and developing and delivering on customer projects. You can read about it in the Matt Kendall’s Nearshore Americas story: http://www.nearshoreamericas.com/puerto-rico-tech-challenges-hurricane-maria/.

At Wovenware, we have continued to move full steam ahead, recently announcing a new practice for the development of AI software, e.g., chatbots, machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Our practice includes creating a private crowd for training data, expanding our team experienced data scientists and implementing a new GPU-based workstation.

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