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Moving Business Forward Despite Maria’s Devastation

Puerto Rico has been dealt with one of the worst natural disasters to hit the island in more than 80 years, and as I’m writing this, we are struggling with a lack of electricity, fuel, water, and food shortages, among other things.

But as a I mentioned last month when I testified before Congress about HUBZone reform, that here on the island, we are resilient, resourceful and committed to keeping our economy and people moving forward.

At Wovenware, this deep commitment extends to our customers, and we have implemented measures to make sure our customers’ projects across the U.S. and beyond continue to move ahead as we continue to develop and support their AI needs, legacy modernization initiatives and other solutions.

Over the last few days, we’ve implemented a triage system to ensure that the most critical and time-sensitive projects — which would have been impacted the most by delays — are operational and on schedule. While we do not yet have power, we are fortunate that our San Juan headquarters received little damage, and we continue to meet our customers’ needs.

For example, we have implemented flexible work environments – with many of our software engineers working out of customers’ local offices, such as Claro’s headquarters, or the local Medicaid office for our software development work with the Department of Health. Some of our partners, like our Bank, BanescoUSA, and our Internet Service Provider, Icomm Networks, have also provided temporary space for us. Finally, we’re also renting out additional temporary space from local businesses, and have staff members working from home, where they can.

For a major customer in Portland, Oregon, we’re sending six of our software professionals to work on-site; and we will do the same with customers in Washington D.C. and other locations. We’re able to seamlessly continue our work onsite in these locations because we’re a U.S. based nearshorer – which means we don’t have to worry about visa requirements or foreign worker regulations.

After Hurricane Nightfall

Have no doubt, Hurricane Maria has caused extensive damage to our island, and it will take quite some time for us to achieve normalcy. Yet our perseverance and resilience is as strong as ever, and while our physical headquarters does not yet have power, we are open for business.

Our most important asset always has been our people – their expertise, excellence, and commitment to our customers – and all of that remains as strong as ever.

UPDATE (September 29, 2017): We are back at our office today! The office backup power generator was fixed yesterday and we are all together working from our headquarters.

Moving Business Forward After Maria

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