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Wovenware Expands Partnership with Microsoft, Becomes Cloud Solution Provider

Wovenware Partnership Microsoft

Wovenware, a nearshore provider of smart software solutions, today announced that it has expanded its partnership with Microsoft, becoming one of the first software engineering services firms in Puerto Rico to be an authorized Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). The company will leverage the Microsoft Azure platform to address the growing market for cloud-based solutions, as well as complex smart applications, such as machine learning tools and chatbots, for mutual customers. The company will also leverage Open Source capabilities on Microsoft Azure.

Additionally, Wovenware announced that its first customer implementation under this new partnership is the development, deployment and management of a cloud-based sporting tournament management solution for Sports Alternative, a sports management firm.

Under the CSP partnership, Wovenware will build and manage customized Azure environments for customers in the U.S. and around the world, provisioning the required Azure services to build high-value customer-specific applications.

“Our Microsoft CSP partnership not only allows us to further support our customers’ application modernization initiatives, but it also provides access to new technologies that we can use to build and deploy smart scalable solutions,” said Carlos Meléndez, COO and co-founder, Wovenware.

“As smart, cloud-based solutions continue to gain traction in the marketplace, Cloud Solution Providers such as Wovenware are leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform to more quickly build innovative solutions that become critical components of customers’ IT strategies,” said Herbert Lewy, Microsoft Territory Manager for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. “As our trusted technology partner, we look forward to working together to bring these benefits to companies.”

Sports Alternative Implementation

As its first customer implementation under the Microsoft CSP partnership, Wovenware built the cloud-based solution, Eventiu, for Puerto Rico-based Sports Alternative. The system automates the management of basketball and volleyball tournaments, calculating and assigning team brackets, as well as the process for moving on to new rounds of play. Originally deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Eventiu was moved to the Azure platform to take advantage of its Open Source offerings and automatic scaling technologies, which were crucial to the success of the solution.

“Since our original application was not cloud-based, nor built to scale, it was not able to handle the volume of activity that was required, which caused it to constantly fail,” said Luis Aguila, president, Sports Alternative. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform, Wovenware developed a secure web application with updated technology and an infrastructure with a decoupled front-end and back-end that allows scalability and external tools integration. “With the new cloud-based solution, the application response time has been improved by up to 50 percent from its original performance,” added Aguila.

Eventiu’s future plans include developing smart applications, such as chatbots, to answer fans’ and participants’ questions regarding scores, winning teams and rankings.

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Wovenware Expands Partnership with Microsoft

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