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Wovenware, a nearshore provider of smart software solutions, today announced that it has achieved key corporate milestones, including 100 percent growth from the same time last year in its nearshore software development services, an expanding customer base in key vertical markets and a new partnership with Microsoft.

The company’s accelerated growth is attributed to increasing interest in nearshore software engineering services, as well as a growing need for companies to differentiate themselves through highly customized solutions that meet specific business and customer needs.

“2016 has been an extremely good year for Wovenware,” said Carlos Meléndez, COO and co-founder, Wovenware. “We’ve added six major clients—with several more on the way—and strengthened our partnership with Microsoft. Additionally, we have benefited from the growing corporate interest in outsourcing critical software development functions closer to home. It’s challenging for companies to effectively collaborate and communicate with far-removed offshore service providers in different time zones and regions, who often outsource their work to third-parties in even further removed regions. Nearshoring to companies in Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory, provides an effective alternative for U.S. companies since they follow the same U.S. federal regulations, provide more closely aligned time zones and enable greater collaboration to ensure that companies meet production deadlines, and leverage the industry’s most advanced technologies within their budget parameters.

New Customers Driven by Need for Smart Applications

“Other factors that have led to our growth this year include the increasing demand for highly personalized, smart applications built on technologies such as predictive analytics, cloud deployment, machine learning, chatbots; and the growing interest in these technologies within key industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and government sectors,” said Christian Gonzalez, CEO and co-founder.

Customers, such as medical device manufacturers, are increasingly demanding smart solutions that can automate, analyze and predict critical manufacturing decisions that save human capital. These organizations are also realizing the benefits of cognitive solutions that enable them to be more proactive instead of addressing reactive tasks.

Microsoft Partnership

Wovenware was recently selected by Microsoft as the first software engineering services firm in Puerto Rico to be an authorized Cloud Services Provider (CSP) with a focus on complex workloads such as machine learning and chatbots. Through this agreement, Wovenware can develop, deploy, and manage smarter custom solutions for clients built on the Microsoft Azure platform.

“The Microsoft CSP partnership will not only allow us to further support our customers’ application modernization initiatives, but also give them access to new technologies in order to build and deploy smart scalable solutions,” said Meléndez.

Wovenware 2016 - Record Financials | Wovenware

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