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Last week Wovenware hosted its first Hackathon—for employees. Called “The WovenHack,” it was a fun and playful environment with a serious challenge: create the best mobile app possible within eight hours.

We kicked off the day with a presentation from the judges’ panel, which included COO Carlos Melendez. From there, we divided into teams and started by discussing initial ideas: specs to help focus the direction for app development, and brainstorming specific technologies to use. Over the course of the day, the office felt like we were in sprint mode for a customer, with everyone intensely focused on the project. By lunch time, the teams were goofing with each other about who was almost finished and whether it was because they were cheating (of course they weren’t).

The teams working on the apps.

Toward the end of the day, the atmosphere was like that on the TV show Chopped, where contestants sweat it out in competition to create amazing dishes with weird ingredients in just minutes. Around Hour 7, our judges asked each team to put the final touches on the apps and reminded them the importance of the presentation of their solutions—this wasn’t just a beauty contest, but the apps had to both work well and look appealing.

The judges (on the left) and the contestants (right) presenting the final project.

The results were as varied as you can imagine, from a performance-evaluation app to assess developers to an app that lets conference-goers evaluate presenters in real-time. We wrapped up the day with presentations that showcased the apps. Judges asked questions related to functionality, overcoming challenges in development, and technology choices for building the solutions.

Did some said break time?

It was a tough decision, but we did declare a winner: Team Hector & Ana, for their solution Probando123. Check out these pics of the proud winners!

WovenHack 2015 Winning Team!
The WovenHack 2015 - Wovenware

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