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Application modernization is the biggest technology change the CMO never saw coming.

In last week’s post, we offered a primer on application modernization and its value for the organization. To recap: app modernization is a strategy for extending the life of business applications—from customer-facing mobile apps to team collaboration software to business-critical applications deep within the IT infrastructure. It has the potential to transform enterprise technology from within. And the CMO can benefit massively from this shift.

The CMO is increasingly charged with defining the long-term growth strategy of the business, at least in terms of customer acquisition and management. This is especially true for midmarket companies whose complexity and tight budgets require the CMO to think outside silo of a traditional marketing role.

At the same time, CMOs are starting to control IT budgets. They increasingly make decisions about adopting new solutions and developing new applications—especially customer-facing apps.

To make these applications work, the CMO still needs IT: they need more user data, more user insight, and a better way to talk to the customer directly. IT often holds the key to unlock this data.

So: marketing wants data and solutions. IT needs time and budget. Application modernization emerges as a way to quickly deliver new capabilities, in a highly efficient and cost-effective way.

Traditionally, creating (or buying) and implementing a new app might take 6-12 months. With an app modernization strategy, IT and marketing collaborate to identify needs, develop a solution, and put it to work in half that time or less.

Rather than ripping out and replacing the existing solution, IT can re-architect the current software so that it can now allow for:

  • The collection of more user data
  • Better understanding of user insight
  • An API layer for partnerships with other vendors and companies
  • Improved user experience that reflects the company’s brand

Application modernization gives the CMO and the CIO what both executives want most: measurable value for the business. Want to find out how it can benefit you? Drop us a line.

Why the CMO Should Care about Application Modernization

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