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Application Modernization: IT Infrastructure Investments for the SaaS Era

Application Modernization

In an IT cost management environment where writing down technical debt is paramount, application modernization is emerging as a successful strategy for extending the life of business applications and rebuilding the IT infrastructure in small batches, over time.

Put simply, application modernization is the redevelopment of an existing software application into a modern architecture so the business can continue to use and get value from the app. The transformation extends the value of existing software applications and data while allowing data reuse and improving user experience.

Why modernize?

Maybe it’s the software that powers your business or another software application that is used widely at the enterprise. It may have been built 10 years ago or three years ago, but it was designed to work with the existing technology available back then. It was designed to power the business and allow efficiency and growth.

Once an app lives within the organization long enough, it becomes critical. But it also hinders efficiency and growth in ways that go undetected—until they become undeniably obvious.

Suddenly, customers complain that the app doesn’t work on a tablet computer or a mobile phone. Or partners are frustrated because the app doesn’t have APIs they can connect to. Employees pester IT with requests to fix application performance because new browsers don’t display the application accurately. Vendors no longer support the technology used to develop the app.

At some point, IT also has problems maintaining the application, after years of maintaining it with a limited budget and unlimited demand for new functionality. Now the company starts accumulating technical debt: complexities and resulting inefficiencies that result from poor software because of budget or time constraints. Additionally, the technology selected to develop the application is no longer supported by the vendor.

The anti-rip-and-replace strategy

At some point, the application code has to be rewritten in a new architecture and language. This is not the same as tearing out software (or hardware) and replacing it with something new. It’s about renovating the IT architecture from the inside out, rewiring the circuitry so that the application works for the modern needs of the organization and its customers.

In conclusion, application modernization is an essential step for organizations looking to thrive in the SaaS era. As more and more businesses move their operations to the cloud, the need for modern, scalable, and flexible applications has become increasingly important. By modernizing their applications, organizations can take advantage of the benefits offered by the cloud, including lower costs, greater scalability, and improved security.

Application modernization involves a process of evaluating existing applications and identifying opportunities for improvement. This may involve migrating applications to the cloud, re-architecting applications for greater flexibility, or implementing new technologies to improve performance and reliability. Regardless of the approach, the goal of application modernization is to create applications that are better suited to the needs of modern businesses.

Investing in IT infrastructure is also critical for organizations looking to succeed in the SaaS era. As the demand for cloud-based applications and services grows, IT infrastructure must keep pace. This may involve investing in new hardware, software, and networking technologies, or it may involve rethinking the organization’s overall IT strategy.

Overall, application modernization and IT infrastructure investments are essential for organizations looking to succeed in the SaaS era. By embracing new technologies and modernizing their applications, organizations can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, including lower costs, greater scalability, and improved security. With the right investments in place, organizations can position themselves for success in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Application Modernization: IT Infrastructure Investments

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