Puerto Rico: Where “Mobile First” Has Real Meaning

February 09, 2015

As part of the Puerto Rican tech community, we are excited and proud that Google has chosen Puerto Rico as the testing ground for its Project Ara smartphone initiative. Although it may have raised eyebrows among some in the global technology community, we think it makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

  • Technical skill and technological advancement—our engineering schools rival those of mainland US and other leading global institutions. Did you know, for example, that engineering-intensive companies like Boeing, Raytheon, and HP recruit huge numbers of University of Puerto Rico graduates each year?
  • Economic sense and sensibility—as a resource for nearshoring, including technology solutions like the ones we develop for our customers, Puerto Rico is an economically viable alternative to other outsourcing regions, where language barriers, time zone differences, and a code-to-the-spec approach to development limits the value of projects managed elsewhere
  • Proximity to the US and connectivity to the rest of the world—as Google itself noted, “Puerto Rico is a gateway from the U.S. to the world…It is well-connected as a communications, logistics and trade hub.” We’re both close geographically and interconnected culturally, with a largely bilingual population and highly trained, skilled workforce that “gets” US culture—because we live it.

Like other technology leaders in the Commonwealth, we will be keeping a close eye on the results and insights that emerge from Project Ara. And we look forward to seeing how Google’s launch here in Puerto Rico will shine a spotlight on our technology capabilities that can impact the whole world.

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