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Wovenware and PRIDCO announces company expansion

Custom Software Development Puerto Rico

40 new jobs will strengthen the company’s capabilities to address a global demand for nearshore software development services

 San Juan, PR – The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Wovenware, announced today expansion plans for the company that will create 40 new jobs over the next two years.  This expansion represents an investment of approximately $250,000 for the acquisition of new office space and supporting infrastructure, including new technologies and equipment.

Headquartered in Santurce, Puerto Rico, an area were technology innovation and real estate development are rapidly growing, we provides near-shore software product development and project management to clients in the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.  The proposed expansion includes a move into new office space to accommodate our growing team of engineers, marketing staff, and management executives. Construction already started and we are planning to move by Q1 of the current year.

PRIDCO is promoting this expansion with infrastructure and job incentives that will allow us to grow its export capabilities.  “Along with aerospace, technology is one of the key emerging segments that PRIDCO is promoting in order to diversify our economy.  We firmly believe that Puerto Rico has the necessary capabilities and human capital to make this industry a leading economic driver,” affirmed Antonio Medina Comas, executive director of PRIDCO.

Nearshore Software Development

 “We are pleased with the help and support provided by PRIDCO to expand our business,” said  our  CEO Christian González. “With this investment, we will grow our stellar team, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions to an even greater number of customers in the Caribbean and around the world. We look forward to celebrating success with PRIDCO, our customers, and our team in the months to come.”

 Wovenware is a software development and engineering firm that began operations in 2003, focusing in IT software development consulting.  As providers of software solutions and remote software development teams, we export our expertise and services to customers around the world.  Today, Wovenware is a company with global revenues from customers in the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, US Virgin Islands, and Bahamas.

Wovenware and PRIDCO
Wovenware and PRIDCO announces company expansion

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