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Your success is our success Carlos, congratulations!

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We will like to congratulate Wovenware co-founder and COO, Carlos Melendez on being recognized as one of Caribbean Business’s 40 Under 40, this recognition not only highlights your efforts and achievements in all these years it also shows that hard work really pays off. Without your lead and positivism Wovenware wouldn’t be what it is now.

Carlos Melendez, the co-founder and COO of Wovenware, has been recognized as one of the Caribbean Business’s 40 Under 40 for his exceptional leadership and contributions to the digital transformation industry. This prestigious recognition highlights his dedication and commitment to driving innovation and technology advancements in the region.

Wovenware is a digital transformation company that specializes in developing cutting-edge software solutions and AI-based technologies to help organizations automate their processes and achieve digital excellence. As the COO of Wovenware, Carlos Melendez has played a critical role in the company’s success by leading the development of innovative solutions that have transformed the way businesses operate.

Melendez’s recognition as one of the Caribbean Business’s 40 Under 40 is a testament to his outstanding leadership skills and his unwavering commitment to driving digital transformation. His vision and passion for innovation have enabled Wovenware to establish itself as a leading digital transformation company in the region, helping organizations across various industries to leverage technology to enhance their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

In conclusion, Carlos Melendez’s recognition as one of the Caribbean Business’s 40 Under 40 is well-deserved and a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and his contributions to the digital transformation industry. Wovenware, under his leadership, has become a leading digital transformation company, providing innovative solutions that enable businesses to leverage technology to achieve their goals.

Caribbean Business’s 40 under 40
Carlos was selected on Caribbean Business’s 40 under 40!

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