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Wovenware Awarded Best Citizen Experience at Tech Summit

Wovenware Best Citizen Experience App Award - Custom Software Development

We recently participated in the Open Data Jam as part of the 2014 Puerto Rico Tech Summit and the National Day of Civic Hacking. Initially, our hack idea was to provide a location rating app or service based on the crime rate data set provided for the event. In the event, Wovenware was award best citizen experience at the tech summit.

My hackmates and I followed a “design-thinking” approach, which involves matching the needs of individuals with what is technologically achievable as a small business. We started by discussing several scenarios where our location rating app or service could be useful, and included colleagues in our brainstorm who were not involved in the project in order to foster new perspectives on the challenge.

Having brainstormed, we defined the problem we wanted to solve: our app or service should help people decide between different locations when purchasing a home. Our brainstorm also led to our decision to add the public school registry and hospital facilities data sets also available for the event in order to provide a more meaningful rating while keeping it simple and fast to use, avoiding data cluttering. With that in mind, we headed to the event with the main goal of creating a live working prototype to test and validate our idea.

Over the course of the eight hour data jam, we created a responsive web app prototype and deployed it to OpenShift. We named it AKI.ES, a misspelled Spanish version of “here is”. At the end of the event, we submitted our work for evaluation and presented it to the Tech Summit organizers and attendees.

The app is currently in a prototype phase because the data sets used are limited and there are no real time APIs available at the moment. But as we did with our last year app, which is the Spanish version of “I notify you” split by a dot, we’re looking forward to the availability of the data so we may continue working to make AKI.ES a success story like has been, not only for us but for the Puerto Rico Tech Summit Event and its users.

AKI-ES Custom Software Development Application

In the end, we achieved our goal. Our participation in the Open Data Jam achieved the Best Citizen Experience award of the Tech Summit as evaluated by the office of the CIO of Puerto Rico Giancarlo Gonzalez! Thank you, and congratulations to our team. Together we successfully created, prototyped, tested, and validated our application.

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Wovenware Awarded Best Citizen Experience at Tech Summit

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