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The Real Seller: What it Takes to be an account executive?

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In many occasions we have discuss topics related to social media, mobile application development, new technologies, among others; but today we take a break from those themes and we focus a little bit on what a true seller (Account Executive) is committed with and what it takes to be a true seller. I chose to talk about this not only because it is my area of expertise, but also because in every company that is trying to sell a product or a service there is a big need for committed account executives, professionals that will work the extra mile to win successful business deals and bring new clients with every deal.

Being a true seller is hard, not everyone can be successful in this business. You can sell anything you want but if you don’t have confidence and you don’t believe in what you are selling people are going to notice and they will reject your approaches. For example, when offering a service we are helping the client; we are focusing on the work it takes to do the service, the challenges they might bring and how to solve them, in the decision making process and of course, we focus on finding the best result we can to satisfy our client’s needs. The key to be an outstanding vendor is the constant search for solutions and ways to accomplish the customer’s goals. Good account executives aren’t scared of failure; on the contrary they focus on the satisfaction of achieving results and resolving their client’s needs. The appreciation a vendor receives from their clients is what moves them to be better each day, it’s the best compensation a seller can receive after the work is done.

There are some characteristics that distinguish a true seller from the rest of the crowd:


They recognize that to attain their objectives, they must solve their client’s requirements first, that’s why they focus on comprehending what it is that the customer really wants.


A true seller understands that to reach the their set goals they need to always be committed with their work and give the extra mile.


A pessimist vendor will collapse in front of a “no”, while an optimist one won’t stop trying and understands that behind every “no” there’s a “yes”, hidden. An enthusiastic seller will look for ways to obtain a “yes” instead of giving up.

Capable of working with a team

They are able to adapt and they search for the bright side of the situation, they know that two working minds are better than one. As they work with others they try to make the team better each day.


They register and review every step they take; usually they have control over the situation in order to accomplish the results they want.

They know their product

They study the product they are selling, they search for information about the product, test it, they pay attention to the little details of the product and they understand how they can get the most out of it.

There are many other characteristics that make a great vendor. Remember that selling a product or service is not only a matter of convincing people to buy something, it’s about making a connection, is about being real every step of the way and getting the most out of everything. As we mentioned, being a true seller takes time and patience, is not impossible but you have to commit to it. If you aim to be the best vendor in your company you must work for it and act like one. Always keep in mind this characteristics and use them as a motto to be better each day, not only for your company but for yourself too. Motivate others and motivate yourself to be an excellent and real vendor, to achieve every goal you set and to never give up. Remember good sellers don’t give up until they find the best solution for the customer.

The Real Seller: What it Takes to be an account executive?

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