Consistency Matters Too!

April 14, 2014

Yeah, Social Media…we have talked about it haven’t we? But we haven’t talked about how important consistency is in all of the social networks. I’m pretty sure you have created an account in every social network; at least on Facebook or Twitter so you must know how important it is for your company to participate in them and stay on top. Right now, April 2014, COMPANIES MUST GET SOCIAL and give consistent, new, and unique content to their followers, friends…customers.

If you have a blog on your company site you will have probably post links of blogs posts in the company’s Twitter or LinkedIn account so your friends can see it and read it…oh and share it. This is one of many things we can do with social media, we can also retweet cat photos and other stuff but if we want people to see our company as professional and a serious business we should post the same things (as blog posts, news, job openings) in all of the networks we contribute to in order to maintain consistency. Another thing that is very important when using social networks, and this is something we have discussed previously, is content…you need content that attracts your consumers attention. Even nowadays companies say they don’t have time or resources to invest in social media, well if you are not eager to risk a little you may remain unknown for some consumers and you are throwing away the perfect opportunity of branding through social networks. Social media is not just another channel; social media is the perfect tool for collaboration.

Wovenware Software Development BlogAs a company you can hire someone to be in charge of publishing constant content on your social networks; blog post, solutions, case studies and create engaging customer experiences. Social networks are essential in a marketing plan mostly because a way of communicating with our clients. Everyone is constantly refreshing their Facebook’s feed to read how good that burger was or how thrilled someone is because they are going to be a daddy, so this is our chance to post things that make us relevant and interesting; but let’s not forget that you shouldn’t stay with social media only, you should build your own customer network. Remember that your goal is to gain your customers trust, so please use these tools wisely and be careful with the things you post.

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….quit advertising through social media. Imagine if you were tagged in promotional posts constantly, what would you do? Social media is an essential tool for business these days and as we have mentioned we must focus on posting constantly and consistently content that’s relevant and is useful to your audience. Try to have at least one person in charge of all your social networks, someone who can post different topics and make your company known for its different approach and strategy. Your company wants to be different and stand out so take matters into it, if you have a blog stay alert to questions that can be asked and answer them as quickly as possible. This shows the consumer that you care about what they have to say.  When blogging remember to stick to your industry, this rule goes as well with posting things. You can post a diversity of content but all of them have to be related to your industry, staying on track assures your company a strong branded social media presence.

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