Why creating a Buyer’s Persona is so important for your business?

March 09, 2014

In previous posts we have talk about the importance of creating exceptional content for your blog so your potential customers and the existing ones can learn about your company and what you do. But we might say that there’s no content without purpose, you should aim to write useful information for every type of customer; that’s why we need to create Buyer’s Persona.


You might be asking yourself what exactly is a buyer persona, well according to the Buyer Persona Institute “buyer personas are examples of real buyers who influence or make decisions about the products, services or solutions you market. They are a toll that builds confidence in strategies to persuade buyers to choose you rather than your competitor or the status quo.” Meaning what? This personas are examples of each one of us, is just that they are models that represent the wants and needs of every consumer and help companies understand better what people want.


Is important we have a clear image of what these personas are because if not we can create a non-existent person with misinterpreted needs and wants. Buyer personas are created as tools to help the company build a strategy in order to convince clients by gaining their confidence with relatable examples in a daily basis. You might think building this persona is an easy task but is not, you can’t create the same persona for all your segments. A buyer persona can have specifications about what motivates them, their desires, wants, needs, their behavior and reaction to certain things; buyer’s persona are meant to give an insight to your clients


Creating a buyer persona takes research and a lot of analysis; this would give your company a better idea of who is your target market and audience. You need to collect as much data as possible so you can have all the information that might be relevant for your segment, this will help people associate better. They don’t limit to profiling, buyer personas go way deeper and is better if you create more than one persona. This method will help you understand well your target market and your clients will have more than one person to relate with. Also you can create keywords and content subjects specifically for each of them. Companies that aim to be successful should do more than observe and study their segments; they should conduct interviews and polls to know what are the topics people are interested, any patterns between people so in this way you can start segmenting in a proper way.


There’s no exact time in which you should create a buyer persona, in fact you must have this personas created way before you start your marketing plan so you can incorporate them strategically to the plan. You must define your personas and your segments so your company can be ready for anything.  You never know when you could find new clients or where. It’s important that you include these personas in every marketing strategy you have, so yes you must create them immediately.


In conclusion we can say that creating buyer personas is essential for your company because it helps you understand what is that your customer wants. When you create these examples you are giving people insights on your product but from their perspective. Create a specific buyer persona for each one of those segments, try to make more than one persona and remember that at the end of the day you are still competing and your buyer personas are just another strategy to win over your competition. Remember that in order to be successful you must learn all about your clients so you can offer them what they need. Buyer personas are useful tools to understand your customers and establish a long lasting relationship with them.

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