Social Media: What’s the point of blogging if there’s no content?

February 03, 2014

We are living in a time where posting things on Facebook is “more important than anything” and tweeting about how great the service was at that store is what’s in. For us, marketers, it is getting harder and harder every day to reach our customers especially through traditional methods like phone calls or meetings. It sounds all so difficult, right? Well it is not. We have the perfect tool in our hands, we are… blind. We don’t see past our noses and we are ignoring a big important, “ginormous” fact: SOCIAL MEDIA IS EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE!

For most businesses, selling is the most important thing. Businesses sometimes forget that to achieve a good sale… and a continuous sale you need to obtain your client’s trust. So, nowadays where reaching for them is harder, we can use social media as a tool to gain their trust. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter help people connect with each other; but now, more than ever, they serve as a way in which people can stay in touch with your business and they can see what you are up to. Take for example, blogging. Here at Wovenware we focus on establishing a trustworthy relationship with our clients. We mainly sell custom software development services so it is hard to show that on a Facebook photo album. But we can blog about the things we do, we can tweet interesting topics and even things we’ve done, so our clients in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, United States and the rest of the World know we are constantly searching for new ways to improve our technologies and provide them with better solutions.

 It is very important to use social media, in this case blogging, wisely. People, and this is something I’ve witnessed, are constantly searching for solutions in the Internet. Be it: recipes, guides to do a particular thing, cats, news, or how-that-experiment-went-from-success-to-disaster-in-0.5-seconds, among many other things. I’ve read so many studies about social media and about blogging and all of them conclude: blogging content + blogging constantly = WIN!  When potential clients visit your web page they will most likely look at your “About Us” and this is where the magic happens, here is where you have to update valuable content to trigger the interest in them. For example, when I need to research a specific topic, facts or read how to get something done, I visit YouTube or search for blog post written by an expert. This is why you have to update content every day, so when a potential client looks for a solution on the web your website will pop out of the rest. What do customers look for in a blog post? They look for experience and answers to their problems. They want a blogger that writes about solving the problem they encounter every day.

 The most important thing you need to know is that you should write about something you’ve experienced yourself. People often tend to make decisions based on others experience. Experience is what every company should try to sell; experience, trust and killer customer service, then everything will fall into place, the way it is supposed to. The key to a good blog is great content that can be of help for the readers. Write about topics that concern the services you provide and show your knowledge and expertise in each of blog post.