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Selling software development services, or any other service is not easy … you have to motivate yourself to sell; believe in your products and services!

Develop your experiences on a map of beliefs, where it indicates that it is good, that it works, and that it is practical and possible.

These beliefs arise from references, experiences, acquired knowledge and the belief you have in your product and services. To be a good salesperson you must have good character and leadership skills that will help achieve THAT sale.

A good salesperson has integrity, does not have divided loyalties, but is committed to the truth, understands the need to satisfy the customer, but also knows how to obtain results for the benefit of his client without affecting their character.

As we mention before there are 6 key things to be a better software development seller:

  1. Offer Real Solutions – one-way to help your clients is offering solutions that suit their needs, but you need to remember that these solutions need to be real. Only promise what you can deliver.
  2.  Submit Viable Proposals – offer your clients feasible proposals, things that can actually be done and that will serve the needs of the customer. You want to solve your customer problems, not create more.
  3. Facilitate/Help – be helpful and make things easier for your clients, they will be grateful. Sometimes our clients have busy schedules so it is very useful if we can give them all the information and advice they need in a straightforward way. Also, you are selling something but don’t forget that your attitude influences the sale. If the customer feels you are not completely into our job or you are not being helpful and truthful they may decide not to deal with you anymore.
  4. Investigate/Ask- ask what is the pain, what needs to be done, how they want it done and when. Research your customer, their completion, and the industry they are. Learn everything you can in order to understand your customer and help them with their needs. At the end of the day you want your customer to be more successful because of you.
  5. Talk less – STOP talking, you need to give the promising and the talking a break. Actions not words are what makes the sale.
  6. Listen More – learn how to really listen and understand what it that your customers want is. Sometimes we think that a quick meeting with our clients is enough to understand all their problems. It is not. Listen more, especially with an open mind and enthusiasm.

It really does not matter what you sell (I mainly sell Custom Software Development and Business Intelligence with QlikView in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic), if you apply these six tips to your sales tasks you will see your sales improve.

Have more tips? Please share then with me in the comments section.

Software Development Seller
6 Key Things to Be a Better Software Development Seller

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