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You invested on a custom built software application to improve your business. Now you are running this mission critical application in a local server at your office site. Maybe you have a fancy datacenter or maybe you do not. What you have is a software application that cannot fail. Is your datacenter the right place to host your mission critical software application or is it time to merge your development to a cloud native application? (Note: Not all Cloud vendors are alike please research extensively before choosing your Cloud Provider. At Wovenware we either use Amazon or Microsoft as our preferred Cloud Provider.)


How often do you backup your server? How about your data? Do you store a backup of your data off premise? A lot of companies large and small do not backup their servers and data following industry best practices. By moving your custom develop software application to the Cloud you can immediately benefit from an underlying backup solution that automatically backups your server and data. Depending on your Cloud service provider and configuration you can have three or more replicas of your server and data created in real time in multiple locations. By doing this you are minimizing the possibility of down time or loss of data in your software application.

Data Growth

Is the server where your custom develop software application is deployed too little or too big for your needs? Did you know that your data in the Cloud can shrink or expand depending on your data needs? You can rest assure that your data in the Cloud can expand to your needs and without any need of installing new hardware or dealing with complicated configurations.

Processing Power

Imagine if you could add or eliminate processing power to your server depending on the load of your application. By moving your software application to the Cloud you are able to configure your processing power needs. You can add more servers to improve the performance of your application in peak periods and you can eliminate servers when usage is low. Thus, ensuring you always have the correct processing power for your software application at all times.

Data Center

Do you like to have a Data Center at your office? Is your data center encased in glass so that everybody that visits the office can look at your cool hardware? If this is the case, then the Cloud is not for you. If you move your software application to the Cloud, you will no longer be able to see the physical sever in your office. Your employees and consultants will not be required to be in your office to fix any application problems. You will no longer have a hardware issue to deal with.

The truth is every custom developed software application is different and requires a detailed analysis to determine if a Cloud deployment makes sense. If you have not started to determine if your custom software application can benefit from a Cloud deployment, what are you waiting for?

Is it Time to Move Your Custom Software Application to the Cloud?

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