• airline summary

    We work with you to understand your needs inside and out. For example, in developing an application for a customer, we spent a week with the baggage handlers to understand their needs and challenges. When we noticed that they typically wore gloves, which made it difficult to handle the mouse, we designed and developed a web-based app that could navigate through the keyboard.

  • GPU Computing: The Key to Unleashing the Mysteries of All That Data

    This post originally appeared as GPU Computing: The Key to Unleashing the Mysteries of all that Data on our COO, Carlos Meléndez, Under Development blog at InfoWorld and is reprinted with permission from IDG. A few years ago Marc Andreesen accurately predicted that “software is eating the world.” An update to that declaration today could... Read more »

  • How Smart is Artificial Intelligence Really?

    Let me start by correcting a common misperception. Artificial intelligence isn’t really intelligent at all. Intelligence is about being able to learn and make judgements along the way. It’s not enough to be able to acquire and apply knowledge – which computers are able to do by leveraging AI and big data – but also... Read more »

  • Is the Mid-Market Ready for AI?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally allowing organizations to do something with all that data, and transforming the way they do business, regardless of their size or industry. From companies using virtual assistants in the boardroom to answer specific questions, to ecommerce firms using chatbots to act as personal shoppers, AI-based tools are augmenting the role... Read more »