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Application Modernization

In an IT environment where writing down technical debt is paramount, application modernization is emerging as a successful strategy for extending the life of business applications and rebuilding the IT infrastructure in small batches, over time.

We help customers redevelop existing software applications into a modern architecture so the business can continue to use and get value from the app. The transformation extends the value of existing software applications and data while allowing data reuse and improving user experience.

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Remote Team

In order to gain the most out of IT development strategies, enterprises cannot rely solely on internal resources. That’s why Wovenware’s remote team of professionals is an essential partner for enterprises looking to develop or improve existing software. In addition to offering benefits such as a reduction in physical and human resource costs, specifically a 25% savings on personnel and up to $20,000 in office space, remote teams provide the flexibility of being able to staff up projects very quickly without incurring the costs of recruiting or replacing full-time employees, which may approach $150,000 for replacing just one employee.

Wovenware provides on-call teams that are constantly learning new programming languages, adopting new protocols associated with emerging devices and software solutions, and increasing their skills sites to ensure they can help customers tackle any development challenge. Our teams deliver mission-critical capabilities and can handle sudden surges in demand for development resources, even from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

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Custom Software Development

All businesses are unique. Sometimes it is impossible to fit your specific business requirements into a pre-existing software package. You need a software as unique as your business processes -- and a partner with business acumen that translates your needs into a usable software. Wovenware aligns its work with your business requirements to deliver solutions that create value for your business.

Read about examples of our custom solutions, such as the flexible e-commerce platform we created for Coupons4Giving.

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Business Intelligence

As a QlikTech business partner, Wovenware offers business intelligence services with QlikView. QlikView is a new kind of business intelligence software that changes your world. Its BI software that lets you stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions.

Our implementation consultants ensure that your QlikView applications not only meet your current analysis needs but are designed, developed and deployed with your future needs in mind. After all, your analysis needs will change and evolve over time, and flexibility is an important component for achieving a rapid ROI and a low total cost of ownership

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Wovenware is a certified participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program that provides information technology and professional services to the Federal Government. Federal Government Agencies may use our GSA Information Technology Schedule 70 GS-35F-124AA contract vehicle to procure our products and services






Electronic transactions get lost everyday. To help organizations prevent this business-critical challenge, Wovenware offers Integrator, an adaptable software platform designed to provide visibility, accountability, and monitoring of electronic transactions, including health claims, eligibility, credit card payments, purchase orders, and others. The Wovenware Integrator guarantees that every electronic transaction no matter in what format (X12 EDI, XML, Custom Format or other) is accounted for. Now you will know where every transaction is in your value chain. No more lost transactions in the value chain, no more lost revenue.

The Wovenware Integrator is the ideal safety net, guaranteeing that electronic transactions in every format (X12 EDI, XML, Custom Format or other) are accounted for in the value chain of any company.

time plaza logo3Time Plaza

Time Plaza is a time and invoice management application that simplifies the management of Professional Services Staff. It centralized all time entries and invoicing into a single web based portal.

If you are an organization that hires professional services staff, MyTimePlaza is a centralized application that quickly calculates and reports the number of many professional services hours that have been consumed by your staff. This eliminates the need for manual invoicing – bills are generated automatically by the application and only for hours that you approve. You will always be able to prepare detailed reports on your professional services consumption.

MyTimePlaza also gives professional services companies a centralized platform for determining how many hours you have to bill. This also reduced man-hours spent on invoicing due to automatic invoice generation capabilities.