At Wovenware, we measure our success based on the value we create for our customers. For us customer partnership is becoming an external arm of our customers’ organizations. It is a commitment to forging  long-term relationships that make our customers more successful deliver measurable value.

For example, Wovenware possesses a cross industry knowledge seldom seen in Software Engineering companies. We have developed solutions for the Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Education, Manufacturing, and many other Industries. The developed solutions comply with many industries’ specifications and regulations. This cross industry knowledge is one of our added values to our customers, as we are able to suggest and implement proven solutions from across a wide range of industries.

“Our goal is to establish and maintain a long-standing strategic partnership with each of our customers.”

Carlos Meléndez, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder


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    “Wovenware is a team of professionals whose customer focus is unparalleled to any other software company I have worked with. They are mindful of time and cost while delivering a quality premiere product. Our e-commerce platform is built for scale, ease of maintenance and highly consumer focused. We are thrilled to have Wovenware as part of both our strategic and development team!”

    Michelle Sklar, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, Coupons4Giving

  • Colomer Suarez“Wovenware has a team of professionals whose customer orientation is comparable with the best IT Consulting companies in the market. They are very aware of the needs of their customers and provide quality service. We are very pleased to have Wovenware as our business partners.”

    Alfredo Suárez, President, Colomer & Suarez
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    “Wovenware has been an important part of our development and strategy since 2009. We initially engaged Wovenware for some small projects when we were short on staff, thinking the relation would be temporary. However there response and level of excellence in technical design and development has earned them a permanent place in our budget and our strategic plan.

    Wovenware developed and installed their Wovenware Integrator in Triple S MA in 2010. This EDI product has brought us efficiency and SOX-Level accuracy for all of our EDI HIPAA needs. Recently Wovenware has added to their product the CORE 270/271 and will soon be completing the 276/277 CORE requirement as well.”

    Ken R. Wiens, CIO/VP Infrastructure, Information Technology Department

  • FHC logo2“Since 2007 our company has relied in Wovenware’s expertise. This partnership has been the key to our success in compliance with deadlines and regulations. Using solutions such as the Wovenware Integrator, our Information Technology Department  has dramatically increase the capacity of handling large amount of data in less time.”

    Wilfredo Santana, Information Technology Director, FHC of Puerto Rico, Inc.
  • los cdrines logo6“The decision making process has to respond to business priorities. In Cidrines, our number one priority is meeting the needs of our customers. Wovenware with QlikView has given us the power of data management in real time to react to the demands of our customers as promptly as required. The ease of use and easy access to all our information has made the tool an indispensable part of our organization.”

    María D. Cidre, President and CEO, Pasteleria los Cidrines
  • Tres Monjitas“Wovenware has a team of highly trained professionals whose customer focus is the best on the market. Their team was always very aware of our needs and offered a quality service. The solution we acquired working with them has given us the power to manage our data in real time. Now we are able to react to the demands of our customers and the market more quickly. The ability to access our data without relying directly from other departments has made QlikView a very important tool for our company. We are very pleased to have Wovenware as part of our business partners.”

    Orlando González, Comptroller, Vaquería Tres Monjitas, Inc.