Social Media: How much time you spend on it? [Infographic]

July 27, 2014

Social media is something we used everyday, every hour..we might use it just to google things or see what’s happening on our Facebook but the truth is we really don’t know how much time we spent on it. I was born on ’92 and as long as I can remember my first laptop was a V-Tech, then my first phone was an old office phone that I used to call an imaginary doctor I worked for. But nowadays kids have access to all this tech devices, all these apps and obviously to all these social networks. They grow up connected to a computer, a video console, or a cellphone and it’s sad but it’s our day to day reality. Social media has become part of our lives and we can’t even go one hour without reading a news feed.

Do you really know how much time you spend on social networks? Take a look at this infographic for some facts!


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